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Selfie of me, a white masculine-presenting person with a red and white beard cropped tight flashing a peace sign. i am wearing a black snapback hat with a plaid brim, clear/white glasses, a septum ring, and a black t-shirt with a pink triangle showing a hairy illustrated chest. On top of that is my Sir’s chain and padlock collar around my neck. i’m flashing a peace sign to the camera as i sit in an open C train in New York.

Hi, i’m Christopher (we met before on the homepage, remember?). This page is a little spartan right now as i figure out how to talk about myself without making me cringe. Like i said before, i want to focus on this site being personal and not a portfolio site. i want to talk about web development, but i want to bifurcate my personal life from my professional life, so i plan to repurpose as that portfolio/resume.


Real fast because i don’t want this template to look too much like the starter theme:

  • i’m ADHD and am a huge proponent of stimulants as treatment
  • In 2013, two days before my birthday, i was diagnosed with HIV
  • i’m disastrously bisexual
  • i’m agender and use they/them pronouns
  • i live with my spouse and two cats
  • i spend much of my weekends with my other partner/Sir, also in New York
  • i love public transit and will take it any chance i can
  • i build mechanical keyboards and enjoy woodworking as hobbies, even though my living space doesn’t allow much room for either.