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My Favorite Asshole

/ 1 min read

My cat Tybalt, a white flamepoint Tabby/Siamese mix sits on a wooden platform while looking off to the side dejectedly while wearing a full-sized black skullcap beanie from Mr. S Leather that i placed on him moments ago.

i give this little bastard a lot of grief because he’s a filthy little monster that won’t ever use the litterbox correctly and has been described by multiple vets as “a gross cat.” Even so, he often tries to show affection by hanging around at a distance and watching me while i work.

i love that he let me put this beanie on him and take pictures of him today without putting up much of a fuss. i think the fact that he lets me mess with him like this means i never end up getting too upset when he makes a mess somewhere in the house.